Pendulum Akkermansia


What Ingredients Are in Pendulum Akkermansia?

Pendulum Akkermansia is available as an acid resistant capsule.

Our acid resistant capsule contains:
Chicory Inulin and Oligofructose, Magnesium Stearate, Akkermansia muciniphila WB-STR-0001, Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule).

How Much Akkermansia Does Pendulum Akkermansia Contain?

Each capsule of Pendulum Akkermansia contains 100 million AFUs of Akkermansia muciniphila WB-STR-0001.

Other brands measure CFUs. What are AFUs?

AFU stands for Active Fluorescent Unit. Like CFU, AFU is a measure of viable (live) bacteria. Both CFU and AFU represent a count of viable (live) bacteria. The difference is in the method used to measure them. CFUs are measured by plating on an agar plate while AFUs are measured by a flow cytometer. While the method of measure is different, they’re calibrated, so they’re in agreement with each other.

Does Pendulum Akkermansia Contain Any Major Allergens?

Pendulum Akkermansia does not contain any of the following major allergens:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans

Is Pendulum Akkermansia Vegan?

Pendulum Akkermansia is vegan and does not contain any animal products. It’s non-GMO, and does not contain any of the recognized 8 major allergens.

Collapsible rowWhere Does Your Akkermansia Muciniphila Come From?

Our strain of Akkermansia muciniphila is grown on novel vegetable only media, and our facility is registered as a food facility with the FDA. All of our production follows current good manufacturing practice (cGMP).

To fully characterize the strain, DNA sequencing technology was employed to sequence the entire genome of the bacteria. The sequence data was then compared to the known gene sequence for Akkermansia that reside in the accredited reference databases used to confirm the identity of bacterial strains. This comparison demonstrated that all of the key distinguishing 16S RNA sequences of Akkermansia are present in our Akkermansia strain.

Currently, during the manufacturing of large batches of Akkermansia this sequencing and other analyses are repeated as needed to ensure that the strain has not mutated.

Collapsible rIf Akkermansia Can’t Be Exposed to Oxygen, How Can It Survive as a Probiotic?ow

Akkermansia muciniphila is anaerobic and cannot be exposed to oxygen. The Akkermansia strain we use is freeze-dried under anaerobic conditions to make a powder that is stable in the presence of oxygen.

Is the Akkermansia strain used in Pendulum Akkermansia Live or Pasteurized?

Pendulum Akkermansia contains a live, freeze dried culture of Akkermansia muciniphila WB-STR-0001.


Should I Take Pendulum Akkermansia Instead of Pendulum GI Support?

Pendulum Akkermansia is our product designed for those who want to support their gut health and Akkermansia levels. When you combine Akkermansia with the Clostridium Butyricum in GI Support, there is an added synergy in the way your body supports healthy blood glucose levels

How Do I Take Pendulum Akkermansia?

Pendulum Akkermansia comes in capsule form. Please take as directed below.

Capsule: Take 1 capsule a day with food.

How Long Until I Feel the Results?

It usually takes around 90 days to see changes in the microbiome. However, results vary based on your personal microbiome and health history.

How Long Do I Have to Take Akkermansia?

Based on our current research data, our probiotic strains do not always permanently colonise the gut microbiome.

This data was obtained from a clinical study where participants took a product that contained our strains for 3 months. The results showed that many participants had trouble holding the strains long term. The results indicate that for many people taking a maintenance dose following the initial 90 day colonisation is necessary.

That maintenance dose will vary based on a number of factors (see below) but we recommend starting on a maintenance dose of 1 capsule 2-3x per week. If you fall out of healthy patterns you can increase the dosage back up to once per day for a period of time before returning to your maintenance dose.

Possible reasons for loss of strains (or inability to permanently colonise):

Regular alcohol consumption.

Certain medications including antibiotics.

Circadian rhythm disruption including time zone change and poor sleep.

Diet including preservatives and non-natural sweeteners.

Genetic factors also may play a roll.

Can I Take Akkermansia With Other Medications?

While we have not tested Akermansia with every medication and supplement, there are no contraindications. We recommend seeking the guidance of your healthcare provider

What If I Miss a Dose?

Not to worry. Simply take your next dose at your next meal.


How Do I Store Pendulum Akkermansia?

Pendulum Akkermansia should be stored in a cool, dry place that is not exposed to excessive heat or humidity.

What is the Shelf Life of Pendulum Akkermansia?

The shelf life of Akkermansia is 6 months from the date that the bottle is opened. We are a just in time manufacturing organization. We manufacture product shortly before it ships to you to ensure freshness.

Can I Travel with Pendulum Akkermansia?

You can travel with Pendulum Akkermansia capsules as they do not need refrigeration. Please note that capsules should not be exposed to excessive heat or humidity.

Side Effects

Are There Any Contraindications with Pendulum Akkermansia?

There are no known contraindications with Pendulum Akkermansia.

Does Pendulum Akkermansia Have Any Side Effects?

When taking Pendulum Akkermansia as directed, some people may experience mild gastrointestinal (GI) upset during the first couple of weeks of use. If GI symptoms are severe or do not resolve within a couple of weeks, please consult your physician. If you experience any other symptoms — such as an allergic reaction — stop using Akkermansia and consult your physician.

To report side effects, please use the contact us form on our website.