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Metabolic Daily

Metabolic Daily

  • Supports sugar & carb metabolism
  • Supports healthy body weight
  • Supports energy levels
  • Supports Energy Levels

  • Supports Sugar & Carb Metabolism

  • Supports a Healthy Weight



Take 1 capsule daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Probiotic Blend (Bifidobacterium infantis, Clostridium butyricum WB-STR-0006, Clostridium beijerinckii WB-STR-0005, Anaerobutyricum hallii WB-STR-0008, Akkermansia muciniphila WB-STR-0001), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose (Vegetarian Capsule).

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<p>Halle loves Metabolic Daily for its ability to support metabolism and energy levels.</p>

Halle's pick

Halle loves Metabolic Daily for its ability to support metabolism and energy levels.

I’ve tried other probiotics since I was 19 years old and nothing really moved my needle like this product moved my needle


Award-winning actor, director & producer

The clinically researched & tested strains in Metabolic Daily

  • Supports Sugar Metabolism

  • Supports Gut Lining Integrity

  • Supports Butyrate Production

  • Supports GLP-1 Production

  • Supports Digestive Health

  • Sold Only by Pendulum

  • Akkermansia muciniphila

  • Anaerobutyricum hallii

  • Clostridium beijerinckii

  • Clostridium butyricum

  • Bifidobacterium infantis

Help your body do more with the food you eat

  • Metabolic Daily is a live multi-strain probiotic formulated by PhD doctors and scientists from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Berkeley, and Stanford.
  • It naturally supports your gut microbiome diversity which supports your metabolism.
  • This targeted formula also helps support the break down of fibre and the production of beneficial postbiotics and hormones, such as butyrate and GLP-1, which help support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • The result? Balanced, Supported energy throughout the day.
  • Tip: Nourish your gut microbiome through consumption of prebiotics and fiber-containing foods to maximize the benefits of Metabolic Daily

Frequently asked questions

What’s so special about the Metabolic Daily capsule?

Metabolic Daily is encased in a plant-based, acid-resistant, delayed release capsule, so that the strain gets through the stomach acid and to the gut microbiome where it can do its job.

Who can take Metabolic Daily?

Metabolic Daily is well tolerated and customers who take it for general metabolic health have reported a wide variety of benefits.

Can I take Metabolic Daily with Akkermansia and Butyricum?

Yes, you’re just getting a greater dose of Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum when you combine them with Metabolic Daily (which already contains Akkermansia muciniphila and Clostridium butyricum).

How should I store my Metabolic Daily?

Store at room temperature. Refrigerate for optimal quality. Cold storage during transit is not necessary.

Do you ship Pendulum products internationally?

Yes we do. Check out our shipping rates here.

What to expect when starting a new probiotic

Spoiler alert: by month 3, you'll feel amazing!

Week 1–3

Month 1–2

Month 3 and beyond

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Metabolic Daily

"I've been using Metabolic Daily for a month now, and the results are impressive! Increased energy levels, improved metabolism, and noticeable weight loss. The natural ingredients make me feel confident about what I'm putting into my body. Highly recommend!"

Kay E.


Dan S.
Good so far

Only used for 2 weeks so bit early to notice much, but good so far.

I've tried everything else on

I've tried everything else on the market. This is the only thing that has worked for me.

Peter F.

A magnificent product